About Us

Our parent’s lifelong goal was for us siblings (William, Grant and Amy Duong) to be successful in all of our endeavours, and much of this success would be through an assimilation of our professions, skills and expertise to form an institution which would help others in achieving their aspirations.

A combination of our stubborn “never say die” attitude and our constant search for challenges allowed us to sift through our “dreams” and make them and our parents a reality. Hence, based in Bankstown Sydney, the Triumph Institute Pty Ltd and its counterpart Evolutus Pty Ltd were born on the 27th September, 2010, after long hours over many months of research and discussions by its owners, William and Grant Duong.

Triumph: to be victorius or successful, to win; to rejoice over a success

Institute: to establish, organise and set in operation; an organisation for the promotion of a cause

What Exactly Is The Triumph Institute?

Located in Bankstown, Sydney the Triumph Institute is a one-stop-shop offering solutions to the many types of problems that people encounter in legalities, education, health and well-being. We aim to be the beating heart that lies at the core of your success. The definition of ‘triumph’ after all is to be successful or victorious and it’s our stubborn “never let die” attitude that spurs us on towards making sure that all your aspirations, dreams and goals are turned into a reality. With our help you can achieve anything you want so why not let the Triumph Institute be part of your exciting new journey.


When talented people come together great things happen. For this reason we believe that when it comes to patient care, a collaboration of skills and ideas from different disciplines can create a far more successful outcome.

Prevention beats the cure:

As a multidisciplinary team of like-minded individuals we listen, understand, and work closely with our patients to provide positive solutions to their pain, injury or discomfort. Moreover we also strongly feel that prevention is just as important as the cure itself. Because of this, we like to take a holistic approach to patient care.

A journey towards an improved lifestyle:

Our philosophy is simple; improved health and improved lifestyle are the base of overall well-being. We stand together in the belief that addressing any lifestyle concerns should only be the beginning of a journey towards an improved lifestyle.

Unbeatable services:

Our team of professionals is looking for other skilled professionals who we can align with and who share these same philosophies. By working together and addressing the needs of the customers we believe that as a team we can offer an unbeatable service that goes way beyond the realms of conventional service center.