How to ease constipation the Natural way with Amy Duong, on location in Japan

A time scheduled for travelling, holidaying and exploring the wonders of what the world has to offer is an amazing life experience. With the added and new excitement such as sight seeing, over indulging in wondrous tastes, sampling special beverages to the stresses of not getting enough sleep or even eating at times when your body should be resting (night time!), this will take an IMMENSE toll on your body and Digestive System. And the result? Usually your body begins to show signs of feeling run down, meaning it is not functioning properly. The most common symptom that it would present itself with is CONSTIPATION.

A very common condition that leaves no person who is suffering with it to feel good or healthy.

There are in fact many well known factors that can cause and add to duration that your constipation symptoms can last. Here are some examples:

* Stress
* Unhealthy food choices
* Lack of sleep
* Not drinking enough water
* Consumption of stimulants – Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes
* Irregular eating
* Holding it in when you need to go.


With the added stress combined with unhealthy lifestyle choices, your Digestive System suffers and results with not being able to function properly.

Watch the video to find out more information to help you not only ease you constipation but to make good changes for your health so that you can ultimately ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!