How to not let STRESS get to you with Amy Duong

There’s no escape from it, everyone is at risk and everyone can experience it. BUT not everyone is affected by it. It’s none other than the sensation of STRESS. There are a wide range of factors that cause anyone stress from work stress, education stress, family stress as well as holiday stress can have an impact on one’s health whether minor or major. 
Of course with Stress, if not dealt with properly, can build up within your body and begin to rear its ugly head in and affect your organ systems. 
Here are some of the examples of the symptoms of an overly stressed body:
* Craving for junk food
* Sleep problems,
* Tiredness/ Lack of energy
* Exhaustion
* Anger, frustration and emotional issues
* Constipation or Diarrhoea
* Lack/loss of appetite
* Stomach pain and aches
* Body aches and pains
* Skin problems
* Yellow or red eyes
There’s no denying it. Stress is what we all face with everyday and the way you manage it is the best solution always. It’s ALL to do with making POSITIVE changes and choosing POSITIVE habits that are going to help you overcome and cope with STRESS. Even when on holiday, stress can be of a problem. So prevent it from happening and from taking over your health!
Watch Amy’s video to see her tips and suggestions for how to cope with STRESS. Let the relaxation begin!