What is the Precious Mentality?


It is a mindset that not many people possess and many find it difficult to access as they are already filled with unhealthy habitual thinking. The Precious Mentality is a mindset where we value all aspects of our health and ensure that there is a consistent equilibrium.

It is important for you to value you and your family. This mentality is crucial as it opens you and your loved ones to a new perspective where your health is of high priority so that you can ALL function better to complete your other responsibilities.

We don’t. It seems the general thinking is waiting for something bad to happen. I’m positive that there are many people who have the Precious Mentality but the general consensus is that people do not know how to take care of themselves. Perhaps because they’ve grown up not doing so, or most of the time they had no idea!

Taking care of yourself is quite simple. Doing something related to your physical, mental and social health is crucial. Some suggestions for caring for yourself:

  • Blood tests
  • Physical/muscle assessments
  • Getting your teeth checked
  • Getting your feet checked
  • Getting your eyes checked
  • Massages to release stiff/tight muscles
  • Joining new groups/expanding your networks
  • Daily affirmations/positive resolve
  • Exercising

Say again?! You haven’t got time?! 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week, 672 hours a month and you can’t make time? Bullflop. Theres time but it’s not of a high priority. Heaven forbid you’re extremely ill and all of a sudden there’s time for your health, surprise surprise!

Causes such as breast and prostate cancer encourage early and ongoing testing to ensure that those areas are monitored, prevented and managed. Obviously starting early and doing so on a routine-basis would only benefit you as symptoms or warning signs may not present at all till it reaches high severities. So make the time!

We rush too much these days. Despite today’s advancements in technology, transport and occupations we seem to not have time nor do we realise how special we are. Just like my client Harry who works as a construction worker, he works and works but what if something awful happened to Harry? His family and friends would be extremely negatively affected. You are important. You are here to be there for your friends and families, you are valuable and you are important. You make a difference in people’s lives.

Are you a VIP in your eyes?

Television, newspaper and radio have deceived us into thinking health involves the ‘unattainable’ ‘six pack’, ‘chiseled chest’ or toned legs. Yes that’s all true but there are so many facets of health yet to be expressed or made aware. So for this reason, its short and simple, don’t believe everything that’s said on television but be sure to make your own observations and understandings of health.

Besides media, there are some health professionals who also deceive you, making you believe that you must live on a certain tablet with no exercise or eating plan. I make this point generally as I am aware that there are some people who have to take certain medication for major health conditions.  You can still do many things to safeguard you and your family’s health and well-being.

It’s more convenient to avoid spending more money or the time as it is easier to ignore this health need. “Can’t be bothered”, “too expensive”, “no time” or “I’m too old”, they are all excuses made by you because it is easier and convenient to simply announce this. If maintaining your health is more of a nuisance then what on earth is more important?!! Looking after your health (see the list above) is important so that you can be there for your loved ones and for your daily responsibilities.

It’s time to step up if you believe you are “precious”! TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS:

  1. TALK with your friends and family about what you think each other’s level of health is. Are they fit? Follow healthy diet? smoke?
  2. DECIDE to go get a health check by a GP, Podiatrist, Dentist etc…
  3. BOOK a health assessment
  4. HOLD each other accountable and discuss the experience!
  5. Rinse and repeat =) for the rest of your life!

I really hope you found my latest article an eye-opener. I hope I’ve motivated and challenged you to pursue a healthy lifestyle one that includes a healthy diet, exercise, good times and of course health checks and rehabilitation. Keep yourself in good stead for your loved ones.

I look forward to helping you with your foot and lower limb posture.

Move smarter not harder!



Grant Duong, Podiatry

At the Triumph Institute located in the heart of Bankstown, Sydney we also practice podiatry. It’s a medical field that specialises in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of problems and issues that affect the lower limbs, from the lower back right down to our feet.

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