How to prevent a Cold and Flu with Amy Duong

Going on a holiday to a destination that is either experiencing cooler Winter weather or known for having unexpected cool changes in their temperatures can become a stressful factor on your health. The most common form of illness that your health can be affected by during the colder seasons is none other than the Influenza Virus otherwise known as a “Flu”.

If you are already departing for your holiday in a stressful state, your body is generally feeling overworked and strained so it makes you at a higher risk of being struck down by a cold and flu.

However there are other factors that can contribute to the risk of you catching the flu. They include:

* Eating unhealthy foods
* Smoking
* Regular excess alcohol consumption
* Lack of sleep
* Not exercising regularly
* Not drinking enough water
* High stress levels

When you are living an unhealthy lifestyle, overtime your body systems become overworked. In particular is your Digestive System. Not eating regularly or making the correct healthy food choices will over time weaken your Digestive System and as a result your body does not have the right fuel and nutrients to function properly. This will ultimately lead on to affecting your body’s defence system.

Watch the following video as Amy explains the causes of the Flu virus and how you can reduce your risk of catching a flu and what it means in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and diagnosis. Let’s face it, no holiday should be spent stuck in bed trying to recover from the flu!