How to recover from Jet Lag with Amy Duong

“We’re all going on a summer holiday…” the sound of this would make anyone jump to it. A holiday is meant to be something to look forward for anyone. Nothing can compare to a holiday filled with adventure. With a holiday duration that would resemble the term “short break” it is common for one to try and fill their travel itinerary with as much as possible. From seeing the local and famous sites, to sampling all of the wondrous delicacies that are on offer to participating in the wonderful sport of shopping and markets; all of these exciting activities will call upon ample energy levels to sustain you continuously throughout the days of your holiday getaway.


That the strain and stress before arriving at your destination could be the major cause of you not enjoying your holiday?

Feeling tired and not well enough to participate in the exciting tasks can leave you feeling that you have wasted your holiday away. This is also known as “JET LAG”. Jet lag is a common term where a traveller is finding it difficult to adjust to the different time zone of their holiday destination. As a result the symptoms they suffer from are:

feeling agitated
lack of appetite
heavy eyes, heavy head
lack of concentration
worry, stress and anxiety

If you are constantly struck by a case of Jet lag every single time you go on holidays, know that it doesn’t always have to be this way. It’s all about doing simple things for your mind and body to help it adjust and ease into the changes to allow you to ultimately enjoy your holiday.

Watch the following video to find out Amy’s simple tips to help your Mind, Body and Digestive System relax and for you to get on with the exciting activities of your holiday. That’s how it should always be!