How to RECOVER from a TOXIC WIND ATTACK aka The Flu with Amy Duong

Have you been enjoying your holiday a bit too much and not careful about suiting your attire according to the weather temperatures and forecasts?

Or has the stress of keeping up with your jampacked itinerary finally taken a big toll onto your body and has lead to you experiencing a change in your health?

The common signs and symptoms of these cases are: * feeling run down
* feeling very cold
* lethargic and exhausted
* painful and sore throat
* constant sneezing
* no appetite
* changes in your bowel movements

If you experience this, it is due to a case of the Flu or in Chinese medicine terms; an invasion of Toxic Wind.

Whether you have noticed that Winter is coming or that you are travelling to a destination that is known for colder weather, your health can still be susceptible to catching toxic wind anywhere.

Amy explains further about what are some simple things you can do to not only help you recover from the flu, but to also keep your digestive system healthy and to continue to enjoy your holiday.

Watch to find out more.