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Academic Coaching

Here at the Triumph Institute we offer English and Mathematics teaching programmes in order to help children from Year K to 12. We provide tutoring for:

  • Any student struggling at school and needing help to gain a better understanding of the subject matter.
  • Any student wishing to gain entry into selective schools, opportunity classes or needing extra help when preparing for their HSC.

Mathematics and English are two of the most important subjects taught within the primary and secondary school curriculum. English teaches students important skill-building techniques such as comprehension, spelling and grammar as well as creative and essay writing. Conversely in Maths, children are taught essential problem solving abilities.

Disliked Subjects

From experience a good majority of our new students tell us that English is their least favourite subject. They state that they:

  • Don’t fully understand texts
  • Don’t get how to write a good essay or…
  • Can’t give sophisticated, well-written answers

Maths doesn’t often fare much better. Many students find the introduction of a wide range of mathematical concepts totally overwhelming. This leads to them becoming uncertain as to how to apply the right method or concept to the relevant question or problem.

As a result when it comes to tackling both maths and English many students often feel frustrated and defeated before they even start. Perhaps your child or children feel the same way?

The Triumph Institute – A Different Approach

At the Triumph Institute we like to adopt an innovative approach to help students better understand both English and maths. Emphasis is placed upon helping the student to develop their own personalised understanding of the text or topic. This gives them the ability to answer questions or solve problems in their own way. In other words we encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking. We also teach them important life skills such as goal setting and time management which are all useful tools for HSC preparation and a later working life.

Finally we believe that motivation and inspiration are more important than making sure students attain 100% in exams. Instead if we can help a student achieve their goals then it’s going to be more valuable to them in the long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

In English students will be learning how to analyse various texts, developing their own methods to answering questions and be able to improve their work with each attempt. During class, they will be involved in thought provoking discussions, story/essay brainstorming, planning for upcoming school assessments and attempting various English tasks.

In Mathematics students are given various exercises, reflecting a wide range of topics to challenge and strengthen their problem solving skills, analysis of the question type and ability to think ‘on the spot’ effectively.

Outside of class they are given worksheets or tasks that are to be completed for homework. This will reinforce their newly acquired or strengthened skills and allows for them to continually practice until they are confident.

The idea is not to burden students with long hours of coaching as this will only lead to them becoming ‘burnt out’ or ‘exhausted’. Instead a shorter but intensive 2 hour class for each subject keeps the students interested, drive the students to think for themselves and complete set tasks and ultimately realise that both English and Maths can be enjoyable subjects.

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