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Immigration & Law

At Hermis & Associates, skilled and diverse team has experienced first-hand what migrating to Australia takes. This has instilled strong commitment to providing personal and tailored advice to all clients. Our Hermis & Associates office comprise of English, Arabic, Vietnamese and African professionals who can make the process for you and your family comfortable and convenient.


Hermis & Associates have an unbelievable success rate of assisting individuals with Australian Visas for themselves and their families from inception to final decision.

Eligibility Assessment

Assess your eligibility and explain your options in an easy to understand manner

DIY Solutions

Taking a chance and preparing your own visa application? Hermis & Associates can check your application and lodge it on your behalf. The failure rate of DO IT YOURSELF applications is significantly higher than applications that are lodged through an immigration lawyer or migration agent.

Visa Reviews, Appeals & Waivers

Had a visa refused or cancelled? Hermis & Associates can assist you with appeals to Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT), the Federal Court and requests to the Minister of Immigration as well as assist in applying to waive condition ’8503′ on your current visa to enable you to lodge a visa in Australia.

Unlawful Non-Citizens

Hermis & Associates assist unlawful non-citizens in order to legalise their immigration status. If you currently do not hold a visa and are living in Australia Hermis & Associates may be able to assist you in applying for an Australian visa.

Protection & Refugee’s

Whether you are on a temporary visa in Australia or have family who are seeking permanent residence in Australia on refugee grounds, Hermis & Associates can assist you in applying for a refugee visa.

Family Visas

Hermis & Associates can assist you with partner, parent and children visas. The goal of Hermis & Associates is to reunite family, friends and loved ones whether it is for a visit or to permanently reside in Australia.

Skilled & Work Visas

Skilled workers have a range of visa options. Ranging from employer sponsored to skilled independent, Hermis & Associates can advise you on the most suitable migration pathway for you.

Migration Agents or Lawyers?

You receive the benefit of an Immigration lawyer and a migration agent. Put your future in the hands of an experienced and learned professional.

Legal Services

Hermis & Associates can also assist you with a range of legal services including Wills, setting up businesses and employment advice.

Hermis & Associates lead the way in securing Australian Visas for you and your families, committed to providing honest, high quality and professional services in the heart of Western Sydney.

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