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Hiep Duong B.A., J.P., NAATI 3

Interpreting & Translation

At Triumph Institute, we fully understand that getting to grips with a language that isn’t your mother tongue is not easy and as a result makes it doubly hard when having to deal with the red tape of official paperwork or governmental/commercial departments. For this reason we pride ourselves on delivering the lowest priced and fastest translation and interpreting solutions in the Vietnamese language.

Our translators and interpreters are NAATI accredited and have a wide variety of specialised skills. As a result we can provide on-site and telephone interpreting to all major government bodies and commercial organisations and can help with a multitude of aspects including:

  • Medical and rehabilitation
  • Police matters
  • Conferences and administration
  • Legal issues including administrative and judicial court hearings

In fact at the Triumph Institute our NAATI accredited translation and interpreting service encompasses every scenario that our Vietnamese community might have to deal with. This includes the preparation and writing of statements, reports and documents, as well as providing photocopying and Justice of the Peace services. What’s more we offer special rates to Vietnamese veterans, pensioners and people suffering from disabilities.

At the Triumph Institute we pride ourselves on our quality of work and that means getting it right first time, every time! So if you need a lightening fast translation or interpreting service that represents great value for money, then we can help.

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