Do you Suffer from heel pain? How awful it is to stand up and get this piercing sharp pain in your foot and heel? I know I’ve been there. Seriously, ive had badass heel pain in the past. The worst pain would love to be getting up and taking your first few steps to start your day and BANG! Sharp pain as you limp with your heel pain! Goodness me, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS NOW! How?

I’ve suffered with “getting out of bed” heel pain before. It sucks. I used to get up, curse the day and then hobble along the wall to the bathroom. A really great start to the day. So i feel your pain and I want to tell you how to STOP this terrible morning heel pain.

First, you must understand the cause of your heel and foot pain. It’s down to the game of elastic bands. Put simply, there are two primary “elastic bands” – the plantar fascia which connects from your heel and fans out to your toes. And the other is the Calf muscle which sits behind the knee and connects to the back of the heel bone. Besides sleeping night calf cramps, these two bands have been chilling out all night till you wake up and launch yourself out to start your day.

These two bands have not been WARMED UP yet! You’ve flung yourself out of bed without waking these tight bands and immediately put pressure on them. This is why you have crappy heel pain getting out of bed. I hope that was put simply.

Anyhoo, so with this in mind, let’s do my “OUTTA BED STRATEGY” .

▶️ Here’s how we do it: .

🔹️1. Wake up and have a smile (cause you’re about to get outta bed just fine!)
🔹️2. Position a rolled up beach towel or belt around the ball of your R foot.
🔹️3. Lie back and bring your leg straight up with knee straight.
🔹️4. Pull your foot back mildly to feel a nice and firm calf and hamstring stretch.
🔹️5. Hold for 15seconds, rest for 10secs.
🔹️6. Repeat for a total of 3 times per leg.
🔹️7. Get up and walk free!!! .

😎 Simple! .

👍 Make sure to keep a steady breath! .

Easy peasy right? It only takes under 3 minutes to wake up and warm up these tight bands so you can start your day with no sharp foot pain. Easy! Folks, I hope you enjoyed this video and found my “Outta bed strategy” helpful!

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