Tips to help ease STOMACH PAIN with Amy Duong

Did you know? Stomach issues are the MOST COMMON health issues related to Travel and being on Holiday?
Are you prone to suffering from Stomach aches, pains and Digestive issues when you are on Holiday?

The common symptoms of stomach issues are quite broad however the main examples of these symptoms are:
– Pain of the stomach
– Cramping sensation of the stomach
– Loss of appetite
– Urgent need to have a bowel movement
– Constipation
– Nausea

The cause

What’s causing your Digestive and stomach issues are in fact quite common when you are travelling. Here’s why.

When you travel to a different destination that you are generally don’t live in, you are faced with new and sudden changes. These new changes all involve the different customs of your travel destination – it could range from the food, drinks, environment to the sleeping patterns even!

Hence with these sudden changes, your body, in particular your DIGESTIVE SYSTEM is being put under stress in order for it to maintain your good health to ease your body to be used to these new changes.

In this video, Amy gives simple tips to help you ease your stomach pain and allow for your Digestive system to heal itself sooner.