[VIDEO] How to relieve sore, aching and painful feet

DO YOU HAVE SORE ACHING AND PAINFUL FEET? Have you had a long day at work or out and about with some shoes that hurt your feet?

Its absolutely essential to complete these incredibly easy-at-home exercises all completed with a minimum of 30 secs each. In my Podiatry clinic, I always prescribe these exercises to clients who either are standing at work all day or who wear poorly fitted footwear.

With 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 300 muscles and tendons, its a wonder that the poor feet cop a bashing daily while we are living our lives! So please complete the following exercises:

1. Toe towel scrunchers
2. Toe expanders
3. Toe pushdowns
4. Arch rolling massage
5. See a Podiatrist!

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“Walk Smarter NOT Harder!”