[VIDEO] Strengthening and Protecting your Feet from Injuries : Establishing a strong Foot Core

Foot pain is no joke. It can surely hurt you and will lead to further aggravation of other structures such as the knees, hip and lower back via the form of limping.

Implementing concepts from:
McKeon, P.O., Hertel, J., Brambie, D. & Davis, I. (2014)
The foot core system: a new paradigm for understanding
intrinsic foot muscle function. BrJSportMed

I have simplified the research so that it is easier to understand.

The Foot Core revolves around the arches of the feet:
* Medial Longitudinal Arch
* Lateral Longitudinal Arch
* Transverse Arch

These 3 arches if indeed are strong will contribute to a healthy foot posture, one that will allow you to stand strong, eliminate and prevent risks of foot injury.

Personally I think a combination of attaining Strong Foot Core coupled with postural Orthotic supports will make your feet nice and happy!

Check out 2 of my exercises adapted from the research to harden up your Foot Core!!!