The Why & How Aches & Pain explained

Pain pain pain, its a recurring sensation that can be controlled at first, but if left to allow it to progress then pain can revert from mild to moderate to severe

Grant returns in his latest video about “Aches & Pains”:

There are 4 contributors to ‘wear and tear’ pain:

  • lifestyle
    • diet, sporting activities, working, lifting kids, hobbies, etc
  • repetitive activity
    • same sport, same work movements – nil change
  • body type
    • physique types, overweight, height, muscle build
  • mas/weight
    • weight, weight with work gear, weight with dumbells etc

The importance of recognising your ‘symptom’ of pain you are suffering from and to deal with it immediately (or asap)
The longer you wait and avoid tending to the symptom only allows it to grow from mild pain to severe over time!

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