Improve your physical performance

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Do you get tired easily? Do you have great foot pain? Do you feel sluggish or under-perform during work, sport or exercise? Feeling general body stiffness, aches and pains? Don’t run as fast? Are you uncoordinated? Does your heel hurt?

Well you need a wheel-alignment and service!

Much like a car which undergoes a service by your local mechanic or car dealer, it is put through assessments, repairs and enhancements to ensure that the car is always performing at the highest level. Why shouldn’t you and your body be the same?

An example:

how will both cars be when they reach their destination?

It’s pretty obvious that Scenario B’s unserviced car would result in a greater amount of fuel used as the vehicle had to push harder to get you to A to B in the 4 hour road trip. This is just like your body, if it is misaligned then for you to proceed in your day to day activities: walking, sitting, writing, typing, carrying etc.. then your body will need to shift itself so that you can complete these tasks efficiently but in the process you’d be burning more of your energy making you tired.

How do we stop this? How do we MOVE SMARTER NOT HARDER?!

Quite simple. The plan is to treat you like a car. You need a wheel alignment and a service.


We don’t have wheels silly! We have feet. As a Podiatrist my goal is to improve foot and lower limb mechanics to reduce or prevent damage to the rest of the body. Nothing else touches the ground when we walk than our feet in shoes. In saying that, a wheel alignment is achieved via the use of customised orthotics.

Orthotics are an intricately designed device used to modify functional and structural characteristics of a person’s body. These devices are slipped into your shoe.

Customised orthotics are made specifically & specially for you, everything right down to the colour you like!
Orthotics providing heel correction & arch supports

Someday I’ll come up with an idea to change your feet like changing your car tyres but I imagine it’d cost upwards of $25million dollars! So in that case, I’ll stick to using orthotics to achieve foot postural realignment.

I present to you 5 reasons why you need to wear orthotics:

Improve fatigue & strain. Just like prescription glasses reduce eye fatigue & strain
Improve walking speed and endurance.
Reduce, prevent & eliminate pain
Improve balance and reduce heavy force
Run faster for longer. Perform better

TRIVIA: Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Bell and LeBron James wear orthotics!


Surprisingly I’ve found many practitioners who supply orthotics (it really should only be Podiatrists) just provide the orthotic. The orthotic is the wheel alignment but before the alignment your body was operating in an incorrect posture which would’ve impacted your muscles – causing them to be stiff and aching. I view muscles as complicated elastic bands. They need to be flexible, stretchy and strong and I can safely say that most people do not have these muscle characteristics. Hence my programs always involve orthotics and the following components of “servicing”:

Muscle Release – easing tension and encouraging flexibility
Ensuring muscle strength is maintained and prolonged

By aligning your body’s foundations, that is, the lower limb and foot, you are enabled to perform at a higher level than most people. The general population who are unaware of this will continue to perform “ordinarily” which increases the chances of unnecessary physical fatigue. It is this knowledge and positive attitude to your health and the importance of caring for it which will ensure your health is maintained all your life!

There may be people who won’t need orthotics or servicing. But you will require at least one. If you want to find out more about your posture then please contact the clinic or book online to organise a biomechanical assessment.

Put a stop to physical fatigue! Move smarter not harder.

Send me an email or facebook message if you have any questions!

I hope to see you soon.