Private Midwife and Maternity Care

Michelle Duong

Maternity Care

Maternity care is forever evolving to improve quality care to mothers, babies and their families. I am a qualified Private Midwife that aims to help new parents prepare themselves for the next chapter of their lives. I have worked in a hospital setting for over 10 years and a mother of 3 girls and wish to help prepare new parents for what to expect when going into labour, birth and their options to create a positive birthing experience that they will remember and tell their story. Also, getting ready for what comes after birth makes a world of a difference, there are so many changes and adjusting in the first few weeks with your newborn and may be challenging for some new parents.

Offering Pre and Postnatal Care

My services focus on giving parents information antenatally to assist women and their families prepare for birth, whether it is a planned natural birth or a booked Caesarean birth. Also, the very important breastfeeding discussion on the different changes in breastmilk and the natural supply and demand production of their milk. Extra services for postnatal checks and breastfeeding support are available.

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